Q.Can I have the same one as that I have seen on magazine?
A.Each of Iris-Spira pearl has different luster. Unless it is a very rare color, we can offer you something similar to the one that you have seen on magazine. Before deciding for purchase, we suggest you to try on your skin pearls with different color, size and shape.
Q.Where can I buy Iris-Spira pearls?
A.Apart from our salon in Tokyo, we occasionally hold previews in Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. For further details, please send us email.
Q.Can you send me some brochure on Iris-Spira pearls?
A.Iris-Spira pearls are born through utmost care. Since they are completely different from preexisting pearls, we would like to give you detailed explanations ourselves. Therefore we do not have any brochure to hand out. Please join one of the seminars that are held occasionally.